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New Record of Service Card for Regular and Civilian Members who leave the RCMP

The RCMP is developing a new Record of Service Card to replace the Retired Members ID Card. This card will serve to recognize the service that regular and civilian members have provided to the Force and to assist in identifying them as Veterans of Canada. The card will be available to all RCMP members.

In fall 2018, the cards will be issued to all departing members who indicate that they would like to obtain one on their Discharge Request (form 1733).

The new card is not mandatory for departing members. Those who possess a Retired Members ID Card are NOT required to return it or replace it with the new Record of Service Card.

Applying for a card

Departed members who would like to obtain the new Record of Service card should send an email as soon as possible to:

  • An automatic message will be sent to you requesting the information needed to create your card. Please disregard subsequent automatic replies if you have already provided the required information
  • Please ensure the information you provide is accurate in order to ensure timely delivery of your new card
  • You should receive your new card in fall 2018

If you have any questions, please contact: